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Vince Gironda Had A Secret – One I Think You Should Know About Right Now….
“Master the Mind and the Body will Follow”
From the Desk of:
Arman Eckelbarger
Head Trainer, NSP Nutrition
Dear Friend, 
You may have never heard of Vince’s Gym before, but it was a pretty happening place back in the day. Stars like Clint Eastwood, Carl Weathers, Erik Estrada and many more were regulars.
Additionally, the place was packed with world famous champion bodybuilders, people like Lou Ferignio, Don Howorth, and the one and only Arnold.
How did I dodge the bullet and get in the greatest shape of my life as I got older?

Vince knew a thing or two about getting the best out of people. And that’s what I want to talk to you about right now, really quick.

You see, Vince discovered a pretty amazing secret well before science was able to catch up to him. Here’s what Vince said when he first became aware of this muscle building secret:
“The first time I noticed a bodybuilder using his mind in a concentrated way was backstage at an important physique event in California. The man was Walt Baptiste, a former gym owner and magazine publisher from San Francisco. Before going out to guest pose, Walt would touch his abdominals, looking at them with immense concentration to control and define them.”

Vince would go on to pioneer research into this interesting mind/body connection. And back then, people really thought he was crazy!

Vince started telling everyone who would listen about what he called the mind-muscle connection. In short, his theory was that when you were performing your movements, the complete mental focus needed to be placed on the muscles you wanted to grow.
Sounds out there, right?
But get this! 

A study by the University of Cambridge went on to prove Vince correct, once again.

A group of rowers were asked to row and they did. Then they were asked to perform a mental recall test which they did.
Then they were asked to do both at the same time. Of course, performance dropped on both tasks but what was remarkable was that physical performance dropped far more drastically than mental performance.
The researchers discovered what Vince uncovered all those years ago. Your mental focus needs to be relaxed and your mental energy needs to be available to put towards your workout. The athletes who weren’t mentally focused lost almost 30% of their available performance.
That’s the difference between a 180 pound bench press and a 235 pound bench press. More importantly, that’s the difference between slowly growing your muscles or rapidly growing your muscles.
Mindset and the mental game was everything to Vince. He made sure his champion students used certain techniques that allowed them to tap into strength, power, and stamina they didn’t even know they had.
And I want to offer you the chance to add these mind-muscle secrets to your toolkit.
In the short guide, we compiled after reviewing pages and pages of Vince’s private notes, we’ve put together a primer on maximizing your muscle gains on your 21-day challenge.
Inside this guide you’ll discover:

And of course, there’s more, but I promised I’d keep this letter short.

I really want you to get your hands on this ebook we put together. It gives you an inside look at how to get your mindset, focus, concentration, and visualization game on point.
When you do this, you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish. I used these mental tricks myself to win my first championship.
I understand you may be looking to drop a few pounds or add a little muscle, not win a bodybuilding show. But that’s ok. This short guide is still so important to your success.
You will need to build up some mental toughness to finish your 21 day challenge STRONG. The truth is a lot of people start programs like this, but rarely finish.
I don’t want that to be you. I want you to grow stronger everyday and feel the pride of finishing what you started. I want you to burn some fat, build some muscle, and look your absolute best.
And I promise you this Mindset Guide of Vince’s best teachings on the subject can help you get there.
So, this guide sells on our website for $29.00 but you won’t have to pay that today. In the spirit of giving I’ll let you get your hands on this ebook right now for a one-time payment of only $9.00.
That’s more than 50% off and this discount is available to you only right here right now. As always, you are protected by our 30 day guarantee and if you hate the book for any reason just let us know and we’ll refund you and you can keep the book!
Doesn’t get fairer than that.
Click the order button below right now to add this to your order today. It’ll give you the mental energy and motivation you need to make your 21 day challenge truly life changing.

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