New anti-agingh discovery says to stop moisturizing

Los Angeles, CA — The top advice for thin, wrinkled, crepe-like skin has always been simply to moisturize. But this “solution” fails people all around the world. In fact, research shows commercial moisturizer does nothing to improve crepey skin.

Victoria Renee, skincare expert and Director of Research at City Beauty, confirms reversing crepey skin takes more than moisture. The key is hydration.

“Moisture and hydration are often used interchangeably,” she explained. “But the difference between them is startling.”

In fact, your moisturizer may even be tricking you to believe you’ve adequately hydrated your skin.

“My clients know there’s only ONE way to effectively erase crepey skin. I’ve been teaching them this method for years,” said Mrs. Renee. “Everyone should understand moisture versus hydration. It’s a gamechanger for thin, wrinkled skin — and every other sign of aging for that matter.”

Mrs. Renee has since released a brief video presentation to help viewers find out if their body lotion is hydrating their skin, or simply moisturizing.

She also describes her tested method for enhancing your body’s natural ability to achieve deep, lasting hydration — banishing crepey skin for good and taking decades off your look.

This video contains crucial information for anyone who suffers from thin, wrinkled skin on the body. In fact, many viewers confessed they thought they knew the difference between moisture and hydration but realized they’d been wrong all along.

Thousands of viewers are finally seeing a change in the texture and look of their skin, reporting a deeply hydrated, “plumped from within” feel and smoother, younger look.

One viewer commented: “Wow! I always thought moisture meant the same thing as hydrating. I’m throwing out my body lotion and doing this instead.”

Another viewer said: “I can finally wear my favorite tank tops and shorts again. This is the first summer in years that I felt confident enough to lounge by the pool in my bathing suit. I’m happy.”