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Arman Eckelbarger
Head Trainer, NSP Nutrition
Dear Friend,
Please allow me to be the first person to welcome you to the upcoming 21 Day Burn Fat Build Muscle Challenge. You have made a very wise decision and I can’t wait to see your upcoming transformation.
Hi, I’m Certified Personal Trainer Arman Eckelbarger and I want to tell you a few things about this upcoming challenge you need to know, but first, let me tell you about why I believe the decision you’ve made to start this 21 day challenge will be the best decision you’ve ever made.
You see, I had a similar experience back around the time I turned 40. I started noticing a noticeable drop in my strength, stamina, and energy. Even worse, my waistline was expanding and my pants seemed to be shrinking! I kept going to the gym, working out like I always had, but it didn’t seem to matter.
Time had caught up to me and it felt like no one could help me. Was I destined to pack on the pounds like others in my family had? Was heart disease, erratic blood sugar, and morbid obesity in my future?
Thankfully, for me, the answer was NO.
In fact, not trying to brag or show off, but this is me now in my late 50’s…
What happened?
How did I dodge the bullet and get in the greatest shape of my life as I got older?
The answer is pretty simple. I found some old books from a little-known natural bodybuilder named Vince Gironda.
Vince was basically the Nikoli Tesla of nutrition and exercise. Let me explain. Tesla invented so many amazing things like Alternating Currents (AC Power) and even radio waves. He was the brains behind the big leap the world took from the industrial revolution to the modern era.
And yet, he died penniless in a tiny apartment in New York. This is because he didn’t care about business or worldly things. He was all about building things and making the world better.
Vince Gironda had a very similar path. He was preaching the “keto” diet as far back as 1950. In the 60’s he was telling everyone eggs are good for you and you should be eating them. He despised the gurus back then who were shifting to say fat was bad.
He never took a steroid in his entire life, and yet he looked like this when he was my age:

In the 1960’s he took his nutrition and exercise secrets and applied them to the world of competitive bodybuilding. He was too old to compete by then, so he picked a pretty regular guy named Larry Scott and turned him into a 2-time Mr. Olympia in the 1960’s.

Here’s Larry hanging out at Vince’s Gym in Studio City, California:

And just in case you’re wondering… this was the time BEFORE bodybuilding went off the deep end with steroids and all the drugs. Vince preached all natural and created workout routines and diet programs that get results WITHOUT the use of steroids.

This time in bodybuilding is known as the Golden Era, and Larry Scott was the Golden Boy of the Golden Era. In fact, Larry was the first ever Mr. Olympia.
In the late 70’s and throughout the 1980’s Vince turned his attention to training Hollywood actors and actresses. He trained people like Carl Weathers to get him in shape for the Rocky movies.

And sadly, just like Tesla before him… Vince died nearly penniless after his gym was closed in the mid 1990’s. He was a true genius, ahead of his time… a pioneer in nutrition and exercise science. But all of the accolades and awards went to other people. And sadly, Vince has been largely forgotten today by the masses, with only a small group of devoted followers carrying on his legacy.

But anyone who was around during that time knows…
Vince was the one who started it all and created the blueprint to create the perfect male body.
And in case you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this. The 21 day challenge you are about to embark on was created, crafted, designed, put together by the one and only Vince Gironda.
In fact, this is the same plan he used on the elite Hollywood Actors when they only had weeks to look their best in a swimsuit. So, you’re not getting some ‘crazy theory” about muscle confusion or some new magic fat burning pill that was recently discovered in the amazon jungle.
Nope, you are getting a time-tested and genius level 21 day challenge created by the master himself. In fact, Vince’s students started calling him The Iron Guru… a name that stuck and is still remembered to this day.
That’s why I want you to approach this challenge differently than anything you may have tried before. This is not a fad and we are not a “here today gone tomorrow” type of company.
In fact, there is one fact I neglected to mention earlier. In 1972, Vince created a small supplement company called NSP Research Nutrition. I’m proud to say that little company created all those years ago is still here today. That’s us and we still carry on the legacy of Vince Gironda with sites like and
Now I’m not just the Head Trainer here, I’m also a co-owner. Because after I discovered Vince for myself and started using his techniques and methods, I experienced amazing results.
Just a few years after discovering Vince’s materials, I decided to enter my first ever pro bodybuilding competition. And get this. I actually won! In my late 50’s I won the National Bodybuilding Competition for my age group.
Keep in mind this pic below is all natural, no steroids, my only supplements are recommendations from Vince Gironda’s notes.

I’ve shared this story with you today because odds are you are just embarking on your journey with Vince Gironda. I sincerely hope you heed his wisdom and training advice like I did. Your goal probably isn’t to win any competitions, but his methods and techniques can still help you shed excess body fat, build lean muscle, improve your balance, straighten your posture and give you back the energy and stamina you may have lost since your younger days.

So, as you get started preparing for this Burn Fat Build Muscle Challenge, here are a few things I suggest to help you out along the way.
The whole 21 day challenge is absolutely free for you. That includes you getting the workout guide, the nutrition plan, access to the Facebook group, and the ability to interact with myself and the team and other men like yourself who are on this journey.

As I like to say, you can’t beat the price!

But there is a problem!
Given my experience working with other people through Vince’s materials, I noticed it was tough sometimes for people to read his instructions and then perform the exercise properly.
The key is to really focus on the form because there are so few exercises. Vince was a very tough teacher and it was his way or the highway. That’s probably why he never kept many friends and didn’t have the financial success he should have.
But his strict approach was because he wanted to get his students the best results in the fastest time possible. So I wanted to make sure to give you the best chance at getting the most out of your upcoming 21-day challenge.
If you’re anything like me, having a visual aid like a video, can really help to see how to properly do an exercise.
So, I rented out a gym here in my town and went to work. I filmed videos detailing exactly how to perform each and every one of the 9 exercises.
Each video is succinct and to the point, I don’t beat around the bush. I show you how to perform the exercise with a dumbbell, a barbell, or with a band. In the ones that make sense, I even show you how to use body weight or a ball if that’s all you have.
I also share some tips on how to alter the movement if you have to due to a former injury. These videos will give you the confidence you need to know you are getting the most of your 21 days.
Remember these 9 exercises were hand-picked by Vince Gironda to stimulate your central nervous system. Now, I won’t get into all the science here, but it’s pretty remarkable, let me tell you.
So, I want to make you a very special one-time offer for you to add these videos to your order today. You’ve already got the 21 day challenge program, this just enhances it.
And the best part is the price. We’re not here to make a bunch of money. So, I’m not charging what I know these videos are worth, which is at least $40. Nope. 

You can get the whole guided video exercise guide for a one-time price today of only $17.00

That’s right, just a measly $17.00 for your health. That’s less than a dollar a day for the 3-week challenge.
And if you go ahead and add this to your order now, I’ll sweeten the pot even more.
In addition to the full 9 video exercise program, I also want to include the following bonuses.:
First, I want to set you up with a 21-day daily email companion to go along with your 21-day challenge. Starting before the challenge and all the way through, we’ll email you every day with tips and tricks to help you along the way.
There’s advice and ideas on the different exercises as well as some tips and tricks you can do with your food options. Again, this is easily a $20 value, but I’m including it free when you purchase the instructional exercise videos for only $17.00.
And that’s not all. I also want to give you another bonus. This one is called the Iron Guru 21 Day Tracker. It’s a printable PDF that allows you to track your progress throughout the entire challenge.
You’ll be able to log your starting weight and measurements and track all your reps and sets on each of the 9 different exercises. It’s a great way to get the most out of your 21-day challenge experience.
This is a $10 value, but yours free when you add the Video walk-throughs to your order today.
So, to recap….
For the one-time ultra-low price of only $17.00 you are getting:
If you were to buy all this separately, it could cost you as much as $70.00

But because you’re here right now, I am making this special offer to take your 21 day Burn Fat Build Muscle Challenge to the next level for the one-time price of only $17.00. That’s 75% off the suggested retail price.

And get this, if you don’t like the challenge or me or the videos just let me know. Your order is protected by our Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works. If you request a refund… Not only will I refund you back the $17.00 and you can keep everything! So seriously you have nothing to lose. Come on, let’s do this!

Check out below right now to place your order. Your new body will thank you later.


Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And get this, if you don’t like the challenge or me or the videos just let me know. Your order is protected by our Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works. If you request a refund… Not only will I refund you back the $17.00 you can keep everything! So seriously you have nothing to lose.

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Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Remember , if you don’t like the challenge or me or the videos just let me know. Your order is protected by our Iron Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Here’s how it works. If you request a refund… Not only will I refund you back the $17.00 you can keep everything! So seriously you have nothing to lose.

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